About the data

  • All data is collected directly from Riot’s official API (see Riot Developer Portal for more info).

  • All data shown comes from Ranked games in the Europe, Americas and Asia shard.

  • Data is collected only from Master players; this might not be always true due to limitations of the APIs (specifically, Riot only allows to get the name of players in master, not the tag. This means that I might collect games from players that are not in master, but share the same name of a master player).

  • At the start of a new season, data is collected from players that were master in the previous season, until the number of master players is high enough to ensure I can collect a reliable sample of games.

About me

I like card games and working with data :)

If you want to contact me for suggestions or issues, you can find my email and twitter at the bottom of the page.

About this website

The website is built using the Beautiful Jekyll template by Dean Attali.

Special thanks to Vivo for allowing me to use his database of players’ nationalities in the reports.

Icons used in the reports are made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com, while flags are taken from Flagpedia.net

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